Wednesday, March 14, 2018

marina del rey boat rentals

Not everyone can afford to buy the luxury of a boat. If you're one of the "unfortunate" ones, do not despair because there are companies which offer boat rental services. In renting a boat however, you are bound under a contract which stipulates certain terms and conditions that you, as the lessee, have to fulfill. This is called a Contract for a Boat Rental.

Under a boat rental contract, it is your primary responsibility to look after the overall welfare of the boat as it is delivered in your care. This implies that when you return the boat, you have to ascertain that there is no damage done to the seat upholstery and that it should be as complete as when it was turned over to your custody, with no parts amiss whatsoever.

Spillages should be cleaned outright. As much as possible, scratches in the interior should be avoided. In other words, you must handle it with utmost care and treat it as if it were your personal vessel.

The boat rental contract may stipulate refueling prior to surrendering the boat upon expiry of the contract. Otherwise, you shall be billed with an exorbitant refueling charge.

There are some boat rental companies that have their own refueling station. This may be a disadvantage on your part because there is a fixed rate for each gallon for a full tank even if the tank is not empty. Based on this, it is therefore more economical to handle the refueling on your own.

The boat rental contract has a clause on major or minor accidents and determines who shall be held accountable for such events. For this, you must be covered appropriately by insurance. Again, some boat rental companies may also provide certain types of coverage to supplement your own. It is to your own advantage to analyze the terms of the boat rental insurance, such as claims procedures and accident liabilities.

Your participation in the boat rental contract is a matter that should be given thorough understanding by conscientiously reading all the stipulations stated therein.

marina del rey boat rentals